This is a poem from Julyen Hamilton about his love for Bass (frequencies, instruments, bass players?). During the great narration from Julyen you listen the music from three great bass players – Barre Phillips, Jean Claude Jones and Wilbert de Joode.

Julyen creates dance performances along with many musicians. However following his works I have realised that his major collaborations are with double bassists.

His duet with Barre Phillips is very famous one for their apporach about dance and music. Speaking with Julyen I have realised how strong is their relationship and how deep respect have both of them for each other.

Julyen in his poem speaks about the music by JC Jones and Wilbert de Joode. I listened Wilbert’s and Julyen’s collaboration “Jack gets out of prison”. It is a remarkable double cd album with live and studio pieces with text and improvised music. Together with B. Turetzky & C. Perrin album is one of the best approaches of music and text/poetry combination.

the audio file was found in Nina de Heney’s website – Dance and Bass