Nikos Lyberis is a poet, professor of geology, a constant travel in deserts nad in deep oceans. He wrote and dedicated one of his last poems to me. You can read it here

I met Nikos Lyberis in Michel Doneda’s concert in Athens. I shared the stage with him playing with my duet with my friend Emmanuel Cremer. We met after the concert speaking about Cavafy, poetry etc. He is a big fan of free improvised music (so much that he can’t listen to any other styles). We have become friends and often we perform together with Nikos reading his poems.

His poems have the essence of haiku although his technique is unique and strange. His words are short with high density – one sentence and many pictures and smells come in your mind. He tries to make questions and not even answer them… (wise for those who know Zen)

Οἱ συλλογὲς τοῦ Νίκου Λυμπέρη :
Τὸ Πετρωμένο ποτάμι (2002), Στάσεις ΙΙ (2006), Στὶς ὄχθες τοῦ χρόνου (2012), Ἀπόηχοι (2014) & Ἰχώρ (2016) ἔχουν δημοσιευτεῖ ἀπὸ τὶς Ἐκδόσεις Διάττων