George & Kame met physically for the first time on Friday 15th of March 2019 at Ag. Markou 11 str. in Athens, in front of Studio 9 of Døn Stavrinos. This album is the whole material of the one and only ad hoc take of this evening and it is split in three parts. Special thanks to Døn Stavrinos for recording, mixing and mastering the material.

Kame 亀 (alias Tassos Tataroglou) was born in 1985 in Greece. He studied classical trumpet with Ioannis Karampetsos as well as music theory & analysis and pedagogics. Since 2013 he lives in Basel, where he studied free improvisation with Fred Frith and Alfred Zimmerlin. Since 2019 he studies shakuhachi of the Kinko school with the master Ueli Fuyûru Derendinger. Deeply connected to the exploration of timbre, he created in 2017 the Microtone – Duplex trumpet. This instrument combines most ways of the construction of brass instruments from the Renaissance until today. The result of this experiment is the main tool for Kame’s musical practice, which includes acoustic as well as electroacoustic experimentations. He performs with ensembles of various formations, presents solo projects and works in transdisciplinary projects with video, painting, dance and theater.