‘Into the mine’ is a duet of dance and music created by the collaboration between Paolo Cingolani (dance) and George Kokkinaris

The concept behind the performance is the creation of atmospheres associated with underground ambiences, spaces that evoke the depths of the earth, in the infra-world, dark scenes made of dust and concreteness, low and dirty dynamic sounds, ‘inside the mine’, in fact.

Inside these atmospheres, the show is articulated and moves observing the choreographic rarity, the ‘gold’ that shines and distinguishes itself from the surrounding environment.

The rarity is recognized, welcomed, and collected to be let go. ‘Into the mine’ does not aim to collect gold. Although appreciated in its difference, the essence of the performance remains the digging, getting the hands dirty for the pleasure of digging through the creation of choreography, music and voice.

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Our hands get dirty,
get dirty to open the ground,
get dirty searching for gold.

One meter, two meters, three meters…
…rhythms of depth still in the darkness,
towards the sense-less center,
discerning the yellow from black, the good from bad, us and the others.

But is it really gold that we are looking for?
Are we really looking for something?

Our hands get dirty,
leading the inside to outside bringing
the hidden to surface pushing bottom
upwards in daylight under the sun,
aware that the only precious thing
that prompts us to dig is just the acrid
and persistent smell of the earth.

Full performance video