George and Marianela found each other on May 2018. They have performed several times in Athens. Their artistic relationship is based on poetry. Each poem generates a deep conversation between them. The most “unanswered” questions about death, love are the core of their performance.

The last two performances are based on Cavafy’s poems especially the “Myris – Alexandreia 304 AD“. George has been studying for one and half year now the Cavafy’s poetry. Especially “Myris” (1920) is the one who shows the antichristian poem’s will through the desctiption of the death of his best friend. Cavafy states very well a big question – who is the person the moment of death, who has the person before, and how sure we are about our themselves in the moment we face the death”.

About Marianela Leon
Marianela Leon is a Butoh dancer and visual artist. She particularly shares Moeno Wakamatsu and Masaki Iwana’s approach. She has also worked with Monica Valenciano, expanded butoh. She has performed in many festivals, theaters, art galleries and open air spaces of Spain, France, England, Portugal, Germany, Italy, Greece, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Uruguay, Stony, Russia, Israel and Japan