“Touch” is the solo performance that begun on November of 2018 at the same with the release of the same name album. Main aim is the honest communication with the audience. By imitating the every day life George Kokkinaris’ procedure based on total improvisation. Like meeting a friend, have a chat with a stranger in super market, “Touch” performance tries to recapitulates the human relationships through art.

Every day, the artist takes risks in order to be original and innovative. This permanent struggle opens path to communicate with public with honesty. High art is a state of fighting trying to be all the time innovative and explore something new. Improvisation is the key to that journey.

The sound is the protagonist of George Kokkinaris’ performance. Ηowever a lot of elements from damaturgy, acting, dance and poetry are used. Each time, a unique teleturgy is produced based on the audience, the environment and the social status quo.