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George Kokkinaris is a double bass player, composer, improviser and performer. His artistic interest lies on both classical and contemporary double-bass repertoires. His main aim is to explore the various potential of the double bass and contribute to its development as a solo instrument. His artistic activity, as an improviser and instant composer, is also wide. He is currently based in Athens, Greece, where he performs in several concerts and performances, both as a soloist as well as a member in orchestras and chamber music ensembles.

As an improviser, he performs and records with artists from both Greece and abroad. His current regular collaborations are with: Codex Consort (Emmanuel Cremer – cello), KOHMA duet (Giorgos Mizi – electronics), Contrabass & Viola Duet (Giorgos Malefakis – viola) and Athens Improvisors Orchestra. At the heart of his career, at the moment, is his solo performance Touch – 8 Improvised Stories; a performance based on his last album (released in June 2018) that studies the interaction between double bass sound and movement, speech or acting.

George Kokkinaris has been collaborating with several dancers and choreographers, as well. Since 2018, he has been performing in improvisation dance works, trying to open up new horizons by exploring movement and studying contemporary dance history. In this field, he has worked with Konstantinos Mihos, Julyen Hamilton, Jurij Konjar and Marianela Leon. George is, also, member of the dance and music improvisation group 2.2 (Chryssa Kalliafa, Erifyli Dafermou, Giorgos Malefakis). He has also performed with Eleni Pantazatou and Athina Kiroussi.